Medical Assessments Reflect Clean Bill of Health

1trainingIndividuals were recently assessed by Nursing and Healthcare Case Management staff to ascertain their wellness status and medication compliance.

Assessments of individuals are completed quarterly and presented to the Quality Assurance Team for review. Individuals in need of medical attention are scheduled for appointments with their primary care physicians and/or other specialists for treatment.

There were no individuals requiring any additional medical care this quarter and a clean bill of health was noted.Medical Assessments of individuals in the program are conducted quarterly while regular appointments are on-going monthly with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, neurologistsand other specialists as medical needs require.Nursing and Healthcare Case Managers:T. Nicole Bremby, BSN, RN; Sylvester Britt, RN Consultant; JaNyta D. Diggs,  Healthcare Case Manager Supervisor; Cheryl H. Smith, HCCM, and
Tanisha L. Harris, HCCM;