Welcome to an overview of Lucas Lodge programs 2016

Lucas Lodge

Lucas Lodge LLC has been providing Medicaid Waiver Services for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities since 1998. We currently work closely with many of the Community Services Boards and State Facilities in Region V as well as some in Region IV.

Our Mission

Lucas Lodge is committed through training and supports to assist adults with intellectual disabilities to attain individual goals in areas such as:

  • Acceptable Social Behavior
  • Communication
  • Community Involvement
  • Independent Living
  • Learning Function Skills
  • Medication Management
  • Money Management

Our Philosophy

Lucas Lodge Programs are based on the values that everyone deserves and needs to belong, to be loved, to be treated with dignity and respect, to be self-directing, and to be recognized for their inherent value as a unique person. Lucas Lodge also advocates for individuals in our programs to be a part of the community, with the same opportunities, responsibilities, and quality of life available to all citizens.

Residential Services

Lucas Lodge is a licensed Medicaid program